1990 Chevy 454 SS Pick Up

You are viewing perhaps the cleanest, nicest, lowest mileage and most original 454 SS in the world. This truck came out of an exclusive private collection here locally in Virginia with JUST 000016 Miles. This truck is 100% original down to the tire. This is a 1 Owner truck that was bought brand new and stored in a climate controlled facility along side many other highly collectible vehicles. The original title that we have was issued on 06/14/1990 with 10 miles on the truck the day it was bought, (these trucks were often sold new with 8-12 miles on them meaning its highly unlikely there is one in existence with less mileage) just 6 miles were put on the truck since bought. This truck is the true definition of a time capsule in every manor. These trucks are in very high demand and on an international search and all post sale results, I have not found one with such low mileage. This SS could very well be a piece of history!!! In the last 4 years, the lowest mileage SS truck I could find was based out of Canada which had 40 miles. 

When the truck arrived here at Davis AutoSports, we went through the entire truck front to back. Knowing that it was stored for years, we replaced the gas tank, spark plugs, cleaned injectors, flushed the fuel system and a few other minor services. 93 Octane, ethanol free fuel now sits in the new gas tank. All the parts just listed that we replaced come with the truck to keep all original items together even the windshield blades we replaced. This truck is 100% drivable, as much as it pained us to drive it we did put about 1 mile on it to go through the gears and make sure it can be driven just like any other car. The truck starts, idles, revs like a new truck. Every single light build (20) inside and outside the truck work perfect and are ORIGINAL. All power components, lock, windows, etc work 100%. The truck also comes with both factory keys, factory books which are still in the sealed plastic bag (never opened, still sealed)factory rubber mats and even the paper mats the the dealer put in at delivery, dealer installed bed liner, 1990 original state inspection, and original title. 

Exterior Condition
The exterior of this 454SS is in AMAZING condition for the year and has been well cared for.  The paint has a PERFECT shine and PERFECTLY smooth finish.  I tried to include as many pictures as possible so you can see the true condition of the truck.....This Chevy is Simply STUNNING in person. You will be more than  impressed with with the condition of exterior. The exterior is 100% original including, body, paint, glass, lenses, light bulbs, side trim, wheels, tires, entire undercarriage, etc. We did perform a full paint correction on this truck which was a 60 hour service, which included a full 3000 grit wet sand, 5000 grit wet sand, 3M high Speed Buff, 3M high speed polish, 3M high speed ultra polish, and a full paint seal with WolfGang Seal. The tires which are original look amazing as the truck had been covered and stored, the chrome wheels have ZERO issues. All the glass is chip free and looks brand new. All the rubber trim and moldings have ZERO cracking or peeling. This is a 1990 vehicle so please expect insanely minor blemishes that one wold expect even with a collector car that has been stored. 

Interior Condition
The interior of this 454SS is in absolutely brand new condition. The carpets are 100% stain free, even the factory rubber floor mats are perfect and Not dis colored as they have seen limited light as the truck has been stored and covered. The Dash is equally perfect with ZERO cracking. All the interior buttons look new and all work as they should. The seats obviously were not sat in as the truck wasn't driven so they are perfect as well.