We are excited to announce one of our new builds: 1996 Toyota LandCruiser 

This LandCruiser will receive a full restoration: 

  • All New Paint and Body

  • All New Upgraded Suspension and Steering

  • All New Wheels and Tires

  • All New Interior - Full DynaMat, New Carpet, New Custom Leather Seats and More

  • All New Fully Rebuilt Engine - Complete top to bottom rebuild

  • All New Rebuilt Driveline

  • ARB Lockers

  • ARB Bumpers

  • Warn Winch

  • All New Brakes

  • All New Exhaust

  • All New AC / Heat System

  • All New Engine Cooling System

  • All New LED Rigid Industries Lighting

  • And MUCH MORE!!!!


Week 1 

Check out this gorgeous Landcruiser in its amazing condition before the restoration process begins. As you see the body is all original with no damage and makes for a perfect starting platform for a perfect finish. You will also see this Landcruiser has been very well cared for and drives amazing for the miles. 


Weeks 2-3

In weeks 2-3 of the build, as you see we stripped down door handles, belt moldings, trim, bumpers, grills, lights and more. We started to get the body 100% straight and perfect. The masking you see in these pics were not for paint just the body work phase and touch primer. 


Week 4-5

In weeks 4-5 of the build, we primed the entire body.  We didnt stop there, we blocked/sanded the primer for a perfectly flat surface for the color base coat. All these steps are the difference in a great quality paint job. 


Week 7-8

We just pulled the Cruiser out the booth and reassembled. After the primer was blocked down, we applied the first base color coat of Sherman Williams Automotive Paint, after the first coat cured, it was surface prepped and followed up with a second coat of base color. Following the base color coat, we applied the first coat of Shermin Williams Clear coat followed by 2 more coats. Yes 3 layers of clear for that DEEP Show look. 


Week 9

Moving onto interior, we completely removed everything minus the dash to start with a clean slate. Notice how incredible the floorpan is, looks brand new!!!. Next step will be Dynamat, following by running all new 12 volt wiring for speakers,  power inverter, etc. Following that, all new carpet, and all new leather seats for all 3 row!!


Week 10-12

This week, we completely refinished all 3 rows of seating. Once the factory leather was removed, we rebuilt the bolsters on the front driver and passenger seating to give them a brand new feel. All 3 rows are refinished with a factory color leather and stitching. We also installed Heated elements with hi and low setting for both front seats. 


Week 13

A very important part of a build that gets overlooked by many builders and often skipped over is a high quality and high efficiency sound and climate damping material. This added layer of protection will block out much of the road noise, interior vibrations, rattles, and noises. This will also act as a insulation for keeping the interior at your desired temperature. 


Week 14

This week we added all new Carpet with added padding and thick rubber backing for added comfort, overall feel and quality. Every inch of carpet is brand new. 

Week 16

This week we will be installing the all new leather seats and wiring the heated front seats


Week 18

The Engine has been pulled for the complete break down and rebuild. Pics of new Parts will follow soon. 


Week 19-23

This week we will be pulling out the original motor and began the complete rebuild process. 

  • New or Machined Cylinder Head

  • Cylinder Head Bolts

  • Inspect Camshafts and Replace if Needed

  • Inspect Crankshaft and Polish or Replace

  • High Performance Pistons

  • Piston Rings

  • Main Bearings

  • Rod Bearings

  • Thrust Bearings

  • Graphite head gasket

  • Intake manifold gasket

  • Exhaust manifold gasket

  • Valve cover gasket

  • Viton valve stem seals

  • Camshaft front

  • O-rings

  • Front Seal Gasket

  • Rear Seal Gasket

  • Water Pump Gasket

  • Other Small Gaskets

  • Timing Chain Kit

  • Timing Chain Gear

  • Rod Bushings


Week 24

Engine is now 100% completed and is ready for install. 

Est. May - July

After the new engine is installed we will continue with Brakes, AC, Suspension, DriveLine and Cooling System 

Brake System

  • New Rotor

  • New Calipers

  • New Pads

  • New Brake Lines

  • Master Cylinder

  • Inspect ABS Wheel Sensor

  • Inspect Parking Brake Cable

Cooling System 

  • New Radiator

  • New Radiator Fan Clutch

  • New High Flow Water Pump

  • New Thermostat & Housing

  • New Temperature Sensor

  • New Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses

  • Radiator Cap

Heat and Air Condition System 

  • New AC Compressor

  • New AC Condenser

  • New AC Evaporator

  • New AC Blower Motor

  • New Heater Core

  • New O Rings and Seals

  • New Blower Motor Resistor

Suspension & Steering System 

  • 2.5" ARB/OME Lift

  • OME 850 Front Heavy Coils

  • OME 863 Rear Heavy Coils

  • Front OME Shocks

  • Rear OME Shocks

  • OME Steering Stabilizer

  • Inspect all Bushings and Hardware and Replace as need.

  • All new Moog Tie Rod Ends

  • Moog Tie Rod Bar

  • Upgraded Center Link

  • Inspect Power Steering Pump

Driveline System 

  • Inspect Front Diff and Service / Replace Parts as Needed

  • Inspect Rear Diff and Service / Replace Parts as Needed

  • ARB Rear Locker System with Compressor and Hose Package

  • Inspect Transfercase and Service / Replace Parts as Needed

  • Inspect Transmission and Service / Replace Parts as Needed

Exhaust & Emission System 

  • New High Flow Catalytic Convertor

  • New Exhaust Manifold

  • Optional High Flow Header System

  • Manifold and Header Gasket

  • New Full Performance Muffler

  • New Exhaust Pipes

  • Inspect 02 Sensors / Replace as Needed

  • Inspect EGR Valve

Wheels & Tires 

  • BFG All Terrain Tires

  • TRD Gray or Black Wheels

  • Black Locking Lugs

  • Alignment

Exterior Upgraded 

  • Heavy Duty Front Bumper -

  • Warn Synthetic Winch

  • Rear Bumper

  • Side Steps

  • Roof Rack

  • New Headlights

  • New Taillights

  • New Marker Lights

  • Matte Black Emblems