2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon TJ: $20,900

Thanks for viewing this absolutely stunning 2005 TJ Rubicon offered by Davis AutoSports!!!!  This TJ like all of our TJs has a perfect carfax report and flawless history. These TJ Wranglers are getting harder and harder to find, becoming more valuable by the day and this is perhaps one of the nicest and cleanest TJs on the market.  Here at Davis AutoSports, we are Nationally Known as the leading XJ and TJ Builder and Seller. We have built, restored and sold well over 200 Wrangler TJs over the years.  This Jeep came to us bone stock, 100% original with ZERO upgrades.  

All Parts, Services, and Recondioning Below were all performed in house by DAS!!!


The paint correction  process on this TJ was a 4 day full undertaking. Every panel on this TJ was wet sanded down with a 2000 grit sand paper, then a 2500 grit, then a 3000 grit. From there each panel was compounded with a high speed buffer with a wool pad and 3m Compound. Following the Compound, the Jeep received a High Speed Buff with a 3m Stage 1 Polish and 3m Polish Pad. Following the Stage 1 Polish, the Jeep received a high speed polish with a Stage 2 Polish and Ultra Fine Polish Pad. To complete the process, the Jeep received a Paint Seal. From here, the new owner will just have to complete an annual wax for a long lasting shine and finish. 

     Suspension and Steering - Retail Value Parts and Labor of $2500

  • Brand New 2.5" Full Suspension and Steering Package  
  • Brand New 4 Upgraded Shocks  
  • Brand New 4 Upgraded Coils 
  • Brand New 2 Sway Bar End Links 
  • Brand New 4 New Sway Bar Bushings  
  • Brand New Heavy Duty Tie Rod Bar
  • Brand New Heavy Duty Tie Rod Ends
  • Brand New Heavy Duty Adjustable Track Bar 
  • Brand New Upgraded Drag Link Bar 
  • Brand New Drag Sleeve 
  • Brand New  Drag Bar Ends
  • Brand New Upgraded Steering Stabilizer 
  • Brand New Alignment 

       Engine and DriveLine Services - Retail Value Parts and Labor of $2700

  • Brand New Felpro Rear Main Seal 
  • Brand New Felpro Valve Cover Gasket  
  • Brand New Felpro Oil Pan Gasket 
  • Brand New Oil Housing Seal 
  • Brand New Front Pinion Seal 
  • Brand New Rear Pinion Seal 
  • Brand New Axle Seals 
  • Brand New Front Diff Service - Drain, Flush, Cleaned, Inspected, Refill with Synthetic Fluid, Sealed 
  • Brand New Rear Diff Service - Drain, Flush, Cleaned, Inspected, Refill with Synthetic Fluid, Sealed 

        Brake Services - Retail Value Parts and Labor of $1150

  • Brand New Front Rotors
  • Brand New Rear Rotors 
  • Brand New Front Pads 
  • Brand New Rear Pads 
  • Brake Flush and New Fluid 

    Exterior - Retail Value Parts and Labor of $2500

  • Brand New 285/75/16 Tires 
  • Brand New Black Headlight Bezels
  • Remove Front and Rear Axle, SandBlast and Refinish
  • Truck Lite LED Headlights
  • Brand New Tube Front Bumper 
  • Brand New Tube Rear Bumper 
  • Brand New Front Mount Pro Comp HID Fog Lights 
  • Freshly Painted Door Handles 
  • Freshly Painted Side Steps 
  • Freshly Painted License Plate Holder 

   DAS Kevlar Package - Retail Value of $2000

  • Fender Flares
  • Hardtop
  • Rubicon Rocker Panels 

  Interior-  Retail Value Parts and Labor of $800

  • Brand New Bed Rug Carpet - Front Area 
  • Brand New Bed Rug Carpet - Rear Passenger Area
  • Brand New Bed Rug Carpet - Rear Cargo and Gate Area 
  • Brand New Rear Gate Shocks 

Exterior Condition

The exterior of this Jeep is in AMAZING condition.  The  paint has a great shine and very smooth finish.  Please view the entire video to see the amazing condition and ENTIRE condition report. I tried to include as many pictures as possible so you can see the true condition of the Jeep.....This TJ will show some small typical light paint issues including light scratches and small paint chips.  You will be very very impressed with with the condition of exterior.  We have over 150  pics below as well as a HD video, please view all photos and entire video. 

Interior Condition

The interior of this Jeep is in Amazing condition for the year and mileage. The seats looks nearly perfect.  All trim panels, door panels, door jams, etc show amazingly well. You will not find another TJ like this one. 

This truck  is in great condition in every way, the motor runs great and is very strong and starts up fine with no issues.  All driving components work just as they should, the clutch is nice and tight and shifts very smooth.  The complete drive-train has no issues.  As great condition as this truck is, IT IS a pre owned car therefore you will find some minor wear from it being driven, both interior and exterior.  I would also like to add the AC is ICE cold !!!