Thank You for visiting Davis AutoSports LLC.  We are a fully licensed and bonded Car Dealer, Performance Shop, and Restoration facility located in Richmond, VA at the Richmond International Airport.   Our passion for vehicles is clear when you browse our site or visit our Indoor 26,000 Sqft Facility & Showroom. From 1000HP Super Cars to Custom Diesel Trucks to Fully Build Jeep XJ Cherokees, we promise, you won't find it anywhere else.

Davis AutoSports is the Nations leading Jeep Cherokee dealer, builder and restorer.  We have been selling, building and restoring Cherokee XJs on a National Level for years with well over 300 Cherokees and Wranglers sold. Our Jeeps are all over the US and even in other Countries. With Nearly 2,000,000 Million Views on Our YouTube Channel, you can View all of our builds all over the internet. To find out more about our Custom Jeeps for sale Click Here, to find out about our Build Process, Click Here

We are a very unique company in many ways. We are first and foremost a car dealer but truly offer VERY RARE finds. We have a true passion for offering our clients amazing vehicles that you simply cant find elsewhere. Part of our passion of offering unique vehicles led to our development in our performance and restoration division. The owner of Davis AutoSports was in the automotive and performance industry for 8 years prior to starting Davis AutoSports and decided to go a completely different route than the industry standards. In the car industry the equation is much like must other businesses, purchase a product or in car industries case a vehicle, invest as little time and money into it (as that adds cost) and sell for as much as possible. 

Our business practice is completely different compared to 99% of other dealers or companies in the industry. As a dealer, we first strive to find the cleanest and nicest cars possible, that often means paying more than the average vehicle that may be comparable. We then run the vehicle through our service department and service absolutely EVERYTHING that is needed. We often replace items that show wear that may not even need replacing. Once a vehicle leaves our service department, it then goes through our reconditioning department. No wash and wax done here...we often spend days if not weeks on one single vehicle to get it cosmetically as nice as we can. You can visit our Vehicle Reconditioning Page by Clicking Here to get some more info on that department and procedures.

When it comes time for us to sell or offer a vehicle for a clients consideration, our passion continues with our presentation. When you are proud of what your selling and have nothing to hid, you simply want to SHOW IT OFF !!!!!  Once again, this is where we differ from other companies. Too many dealers, specially with internet buying,  expect a buyer to get a true understanding of a vehicles condition and value with a less than stellar presentation. How many times have you seen 10 photos of a car, and a description that says, "Looks good, drives great, no issue. Call to Buy"....All too often, we know.

Our Staff has been trained to only represent a vehicle in the SAME manor it would take them to purchase that vehicle sight unseen. We began each advertisement with a full write up about that particular vehicle with written content We take on average 100-130 photos of every vehicle showing every single portion including the exterior, interior, engine bay, suspension, etc. We include all paperwork, documents, history, keys, etc.