2005 DODGE RAM 1500 SRT: 19,500 Miles

Priced at: $39,900

hanks for viewing this GORGEOUS,  STUNNING, and NEAR FLAWLESS RAM SRT offered by Davis AutoSports!!!! Like with all of our vehicles here, this is a Carfax Certified Vehicle. This Ram is in amazing condition in every aspect for the year and mileage.  This rare find will come with a VA state inspection to assure that it is in great mechancial condition.  The previous and ONLY owner of this truck literllay invested over $50k worth of parts, labor, time, research, services, etc into this one of a kind RAM. The owner was a militaryengineer and put nothing but the best into this truck with an open check book. Every part was researched, compared to others, discussed with other SRT builders / shops before being installed. He also gave this truck to the nations top shops and literally signed over contracts stated they had the ability at bill and add any part needed, this was often done due to him being oversees durning much of the build. After every and any part added, the truck was tuned and ran on a dyno for both power numbers and function. The owner built the engine and tranny to safely hold 1000PH but all of the trucks tunes, (which are all saved on tune cards that slide into the ECU system) are between 500-600RWP as that was more than enough for the owner. The truck is mostly tuned at 13 PSI and with the Joe Racing Supercharger and FULLY BUILT ENGINE, this truck screams. Typically we list all the parts installed on a custom vehicle we sell but that would be impossible of this truck, this ENTIRE TRUCK IS DONE. We have over 200 documents, invoices, and countless other dyno charts, notes, etc. This is the best documented build I have seen. The truck itself is in pristine condition and shows like a newer truck as seen in the pics, the owner kept the truck garged and covered and was very OCD. From Diamond Pistons, Comp Cam, Upgraded Crank, Upgraded Heads, Upgraded Rods, Ported and Balanced Engine, Joe Racing Supercharger, Built SunCoast Tranny, Belanger Headers, this is def not your typical Supercharged SRT on the market. 


Exterior Condition

The exterior of this vehicle is in AMAZING condition for the year and has been well cared for.  The paint has a PERFECT shine and PERFECTLY smooth finish.  I tried to include as many pictures as possible so you can see the true condition of the car.....This SRT is Simply STUNNING in person. You will be more than  impressed with with the condition of exterior. We have over 150pics below as well as a FULL 1080 HD video, please view all photos and entire video. 

Interior Condition

The interior of this RAM is in PRISTINE condition for the year and mileage. The carpet is flawless as are the floor mats. The seats look AMAZING  for the year and mileage. The photos below will show EVERY part of the interior so you can see for yourself how clean it is.  The dash and all leather is free to cracking and peeling. Please view all 50 interior pictures. The AC is also ICE cold. None smoker and mint. 

This vehicle is in great condition in every way, the motor runs great and is very strong and starts up fine with no issues.  All driving components work just as they should, the TRANNY is nice and tight and shifts very smooth, and the brakes work great. Keep in mind, this is a built tranny and shifts like a built tranny, you will feel the torque converter locking. This tranny is rated to hold 1200 HP, the Tranny alone with parts, and labor was over $10k.   As great condition as this car is, IT IS a pre owned car therefore you will find some minor wear from it being driven, both interior and exterior.  I would also like to add the AC is ICE cold !!!